Tot Lot Pros

Waterfront Park

This park is located in downtown San Diego and was completed in April 2014.  This was a high profile project for the county of San Diego.  We installed the playground and surfacing all while working closely with the landscape architect during the project.


Lake Murray

This was a community build project.  The residence of Lake Murray formed a non-profit group and raised funds to build a playground for their park.  We supervised and assisted the community on the installation of the playground.


Los Olivos

This is a park at an apartment complex in Irvine built for the Irvine Company.  This project included installation of artificial turf that is also a safety surface supplied by Surface America.



Sendero Field

Currently this is the largest park in the new Rancho Mission Viejo development in San Juan Capistrano. The playground equipment and the pebble flex colors were fully customized for this project.  


Monitor Park

This unique playground utilizes a railroad theme to spark the imagination of the kids.  The project is located in the heart of Watts. The equipment was customized by Landscape Structure.